Founder's voice

What is 'Founder's voice' and why do we ask for it?

The majority of questions you are asked when submitting a review on Landscape focus on providing quantitative ratings for an investor.

However, qualitative insights of your experience with an investor are an equally important part of Landscape’s reviews. Indeed, feedback from founders has indicated that the information garnered from the ‘qualitative part’ of the review form is incredibly useful.

For that reason, at the end of the review form, you are given the opportunity to express your ‘Founder’s voice’. This is an opportunity for you to go into a little more detail about your experience interacting with the investor. It might be expressing something about your interaction you have not yet felt you have adequately had the chance to, describing one aspect of the interaction not captured by the ratings or it may be simply providing a short overview of your experience.

Additionally, ‘Founder’s voice’ provides the chance for you to offer constructive feedback for the investor you are reviewing. While optional (and anonymous), this is another very important and valuable part of Landscape reviews.

Landscape wants to provide value for BOTH individuals and investors. Therefore, asking for constructive feedback allows Landscape to help investors see what they are doing right and wrong, and how they can improve upon their processes.