Where is my review?

Where is my review? Once submitted where does your review go and why might you not be able to see it yet?

If you cannot see your review on the Landscape platform this might be for a number of reasons.

Your review is still being moderated

  • To maintain authenticity and quality we moderate every review to ensure they meet our guidelines. We aim to moderate and publish all reviews within 48 hours, however, it may take as long as 72 hours for a member of the Landscape team to approve your review (sometimes longer if the review is flagged and/or is for an investor not already on the platform).

  • For additional information about our moderation process, read our Moderation article.

Your review was flagged

  • Your review has not met our guidelines and needs to be edited in order to be published. It may contain information that allows you to be identified, is slanderous, includes profanities, or contains other content that we do not allow.

  • Once edited and the necessary changes made, the review will be submitted for moderation again.

You have already submitted a review for the investor

  • Currently, community members can only submit one review for every investor they interact with. Therefore, if you have already submitted a review for an investor, you can only edit your existing one and cannot submit another one.

  • In the future, we will be looking to introduce a feature that allows members to submit new reviews for investors they have previously reviewed in order to provide up to date information on their most recent interactions. When this happens and a review is β€˜updated’, reviews will be listed in chronological order.

There was an error in submitting your review

  • If you cannot see a review under the β€˜My reviews’ section in your account, then it was not submitted correctly and we have not received it.

You can always check the current status of your review in the β€˜My reviews’ section of your account.