What is a Verified Partner (VP)?

What is a Verified Partner (VP)? Over 200 VCs globally have now applied to become a Landscape Verified Partner. But what does it actually mean?! πŸ€”

We firmly believe that Landscape only works, when everyone works together.

Landscape Verified Partners are investors that are backing our mission to raise transparency in the startup fundraising ecosystem.

What do you get for being a VP?

VP Profile

After being onboarded, Landscape VPs can start to build their profile, sharing things like their investment thesis, check size, what they do & don't invest in, information on their team, and moving forward, the ability to accept curated cold inbound through their profile. These profiles will evolve over time, and VPs will able to share more and more information that helps founders understand them better.

Verified Reviews

Verified Partners will also unlock Verified Reviews, by getting their own unique review link to distribute to startups that they work with, both in their portfolio, but also companies they don't fund.

VP Community

Access the Landscape VP online community - where we will be sharing our roadmap, taking votes on feature requests, running regular events, and much more. Being part of the Landscape VP community is our way of bringing you on the Landscape journey with us.

Exclusive Events

We'll be working closely with our VPs to organise awesome events for the startup ecosystem. Everything from regional and sector specific office hours, to pitching events, AMAs, Clinics, and a whole bunch more awesome stuff.

Become a Landscape Verified Partner

Becoming a Landscape VP is easy and free.

We first require that you fill out a short (1minute) application form so we can ensure the platform is filled with real investors.

After a member of the Landscape team has looked over your application, you'll be invited to an onboarding call, where we will cover everything you need to know about Landscape, and get you kickstarted with building your profile and generating your first reviews from your portfolio companies.