Fraudulent reviews

Fraudulent reviews How we tackle and penalise fraudulent behaviour.

Transparency and authenticity are two of the most important things Landscape stands for. As a result, we take any fraudulent activity, be it from individuals or investors, very seriously.

To ensure authenticity, all reviews are moderated after submission and before publishing.

Fraudulent behaviour amongst individuals

  • Currently, community members can only submit one review for every investor they interact with. In the future, we will be looking to introduce a feature that allows members to submit new reviews for investors they have previously reviewed in order to provide up to date information on their most recent interactions. When this happens and a review is โ€˜updatedโ€™, both reviews will be listed in chronological order.

  • If, however, it becomes evident that this feature is abused and an individual is leaving multiple reviews for an investor, all contributions from said memberโ€™s account will be removed and their account suspended.

  • Likewise, if a community member is found to be posting multiple reviews for the same investor from multiple accounts, the memberโ€™s account, and all reviews associated with them, will be removed.

Fraudulent behaviour amongst investors

  • Landscape also introduces penalties for fraudulent behaviour from investors. Investors may be tempted to incentivise individuals to leave positive reviews, alternatively they may pressurise or threaten them into doing so. Any investor found behaving in such a manner will have all reviews left under such coercion removed and the Landscape community made aware of such illicit behaviour.

Community moderation

  • The Landscape community also plays an active role in moderating the quality of the reviews published on our platform. We ask that anyone who suspects a review of being fraudulent to flag it to our Moderation team by emailing so we can examine it more closely and remove it if necessary.