Landscape's 'Give to get' policy

Landscape's 'Give to get' policy What Landscape's 'Give to get' policy means and why we have it.

Landscape is about paying it forward, giving back and building the startup funding ecosystem’s most helpful platform, TOGETHER!

We want to build openly and collaboratively. In keeping with this, Landscape operates a ‘Give to get’ policy.

Simply put, in order to receive access to Landscape’s content, individuals must contribute to the platform (in the form of reviews).

Our 'Give to get' approach not only means Landscape can continue to provide comprehensive and helpful information to individuals and investors, but has been shown to reduce bias in online reviews and means just as you might benefit from other’s reviews and experiences, they can benefit from yours.

We appreciate that not everyone who may benefit from the content on Landscape can leave a review. In these instances, individuals can contact explaining their situation in order for the Landscape team to determine whether anything can be arranged to provide access.