Verification Does Landscape verify community members?

At Landscape, we aim to verify as much information as possible.

However, whilst we moderate all reviews and do our best to confirm that those leaving reviews are real people describing real interactions, we will always be unable to completely confirm a community member’s identity or the truthfulness of their review.

For reviews where an individual(s) raised capital, we endeavour to find evidence of this. If unable to find sufficient evidence ourselves, we may request evidence from the individual leaving the review.

For reviews where an individual did not raise, we will compare their review with Landscape’s database of reviews. This is so we can identify any unusual, suspicious reviews relative to what we might expect a review to look like.

This is in addition to the compulsory requirement of email verification when creating a Landscape account.

Alongside actively moderating the Landscape community and our commitment to assess every review, Landscape’s verification process helps identify suspicious users and reviews and ensures confidence in the accuracy, truthfulness and value of the information provided on the platform.

Ultimately Landscape was created to be the most helpful platform in the startup funding ecosystem for founders and investors alike. Therefore it is in no one’s best interest to contribute in a misleading or fraudulent manner.