Get yourself some Landscape swag

Get yourself some Landscape swag Leave 10 reviews and receive a specially sourced Landscape T-shirt

To raise transparency in the fundraising ecosystem and to achieve our mission of becoming the most helpful platform for founders, one of our most important goals is increasing the number of reviews we have for investors.

As a thank you for sharing your experiences of interacting with investors, for every 10 reviews you submit, you will receive an awesome, specially sourced Landscape t-shirt.

We have spent a lot of time and effort sourcing a supplier that not only offers the option of high quality, embroidery, but the possibility of ensuring the clothing is sustainable and aligns with our mission of being an eco-friendly company.

We’re thus very happy to say that our T-shirts are provided by a supplier in the top 10 organic textile buyers in the world, certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), affiliated with the Fairwear Foundation for corporate social responsibility, officially certified by PETA, confirming they are suitable for Vegans, meets the Organic Content Standard (OCS) blended and is OCS 100 certified.

Currently the T-shirts are offered in black with white logos or white with black logos in sizes S, M, L, Xl and XXL.