We're planting trees 🌲

We're planting trees 🌲 We've joined Ecologi to help Landscape become a climate positive workforce. Learn a little more on how it works here.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing planet earth right now, and everybody has a part to play in it. We won't bore you with all the grisly climate change details, as realistically you probably know more than we do on the matter.

At Landscape, we want to try and do our bit for not only the startup ecosystem, but for the global ecosystem, and so we've joined Ecologi to not only make Landscape a Climate Positive Workforce, but to take it a step further and proactively grow our contribution as Landscape grows.

Here's how it works

When a founder submits an anonymous investor review, they're mostly doing it as a gesture of goodwill, and to pay it forward to the ecosystem to help other founders - which is awesome!

We've been exploring ways of incentivising founders to submit reviews, and we finally settled on a simple idea, that has been enabled through Ecologi;

Every time a founder submits a review, we'll pay for a tree to be planted

Pretty simple right?

At the end of each calendar month, we will look at the total number of reviews submitted by founders, and we will add that many trees to the Landscape forest - planting trees in areas including Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Moving forward, we'll integrate with their API, and allow founders to name the trees that are planted as a result of their anonymous review. Our aim is to rise to the top of the Ecologi Business Leaderboard, for most trees planted.

We totally understand that this isn't earth-shattering stuff, but our hope is that by providing a small incentive to founders for submitting review, we can have a greater wider impact than just the Landscape bottom line.