Do Scouts have to provide me with an introduction and/or pitch deck if I request one?

In principal, no. We want to give Scouts autonomy over which investors they allow to interact with the startups theyโ€™ve scouted. If, for whatever reason, a Scout does not want you to interact with a startup theyโ€™ve scouted, theyโ€™re under no obligation to provide you with access.

However, for our Beta, we are limiting this autonomy and have opted to facilitate deck downloads and intros automatically as and when you request so.

๐Ÿ‘‰ You can only download decks or intros from scouts you are following. And we do ask you to confirm that you will attribute a deal to the scout before downloading the deck or requesting an intro.

Scouts will still have complete control over who can follow their dealflow and can delete a follower anytime they see fit.