How do you ensure the quality of deals on your platform?

OpenScout focuses on scouting and showcasing high quality startups. Typically, these are tech focused or tech enabled, although any venture fundable startup can be scouted.

Initially we will vet the majority of deals that Scouts post to the platform to ensure they are of sufficient quality. As Scouts build up a strong track record of high quality opportunities, we will reduce the number of deals vetted but continue to review deals from every Scout on a regular basis to maintain standards.

On every Scout profile, you will also see a record of deals scouted, intros facilitated and investments generated. This will help you to be confident that the individual you are looking at is providing value to Investors on OpenScout and may be able to do the same for you moving forward.

All deals scouted onto the platform come Scouts who are vetted by the Landscape team. Scout applications are scored on a number of criteria, including, but not limited to, expected deal volume, Scouts' network and their experience in the startup space. The Scouts that are eventually given access to the community will be the individuals scoring highest in this process and whose typical deals (e.g. stage, sector, location) match the requirements of our Investor community.