How will I get paid for a successful deal?

YESSS!! A founder has successfully raised as a result of being scouted by you on OpenScout πŸ€œπŸ€›

The next steps are as follows:

  1. We invoice the Founder on the "success fee."
  2. Once the Founder has wired their "success fee" to OpenScout, and if we already have your tax residency and payment information, we will facilitate on your behalf and invoice to us, OpenScout, for your half of the fee (i.e. self-billing).
    1. If we don't already have your tax residency and payment information on file, we'll reach out to you for that. And then we'll raise an invoice on your behalf to us, OpenScout.
  3. We will then transfer your half of the fee to your account, with VAT where applicable.

And that's it! You got paid and most importantly, a startup in your network got funded ❀️


NB: It is your responsibility as a scout to comply with your local tax authority’s filing requirements. Please consult a qualified accountant to ensure you are staying compliant.