Scout Handbook

Some useful tidbits to get your off the ground as a Scout (plus a ton of useful resources baked within 🤗)

P.S. This is just the beginning — check out the rest of our Knowledge Base for a lot of detailed Q&As 🙌

Table of Contents

👌 Scouting best practices

💪 More than a scout

💬 Useful assets

🤓 Resources

👌 Scouting best practices

❓ What deals can I post on OpenScout?

You’re welcome to post any early stage investment opportunity to the platform that you believe there will an audience for amongst our investment community.

Along the way we’ll provide you with helpful resources to make the decisions on who these companies may be and we’ll continuously review deals posted by all Scouts to help them both to make better decisions and present companies in the most helpful fashion.

There may be times that we remove a deal as we do not think it meets the standard expected by our investors but in these cases we will always open a dialogue with you and look to explain the decision to ensure you can relay this back to the individuals leading the fundraising round.

❓ What companies should I be scouting?

Most of the scouts on OpenScout typically scout companies that are tech-based and looking to raise capital from Angel Investors and venture capital companies. Investors on OpenScout won’t be looking to invest in companies that do not offer a significant return on their investment so a company that cannot demonstrate sufficient scalability and growth potential is most likely unsuited to be scouted on OpenScout.

Scouts should also be scouting those companies that also meet the criteria outlined in their profile (e.g. stage, sector and region).

Remember that all of the companies you scout on OpenScout will ultimately reflect your ability to scout great companies and determine the degree to which you can build a respectable and admirable track record as one of OpenScout’s top scouts. Therefore, you should only aim to scout the best companies that you come across.

❓How do I tell companies I want to scout them?

When you find a company you want to scout, reach out to them and tell them you want to scout them on OpenScout.

If the company is unaware of OpenScout, what we do and how the platform works, it would be useful to explain what OpenScout is and why it benefits them to be scouted on OpenScout.

Alternatively, feel free to send them over this Quick Start Guide on processes involved when being scouted.

❓ How do I find companies to scout?

Any of the interactions a scout has in their day to day work offer an opportunity to find companies to scout. Many scouts will scout a company that they believe are angel or venture back-able businesses but do not have the capital to invest themselves.

Deal flow can come from a variety of different sources such as friends, colleagues, forums, communities, cold inbound, existing investors, angel investments the scout has made themselves, involvement in programmes such as accelerators and incubators, and/or personal research, amongst others.

Things that scouts might look for when finding companies to scout include traction, product-market fit, founder fit, existing MRR/generating revenue, an excellent founding team, existing investment, evident scalability/growth potential, attractive vertical etc.

❓How do I communicate with companies when I’ve scouted them on OpenScout?

Feel free to communicate with the companies you have scouted in whatever way works best for you. You are the one with a relationship to that company and so should nurture and maintain it as you see fit.

It's a good idea to keep the the companies informed on any noteworthy investor activity.

❓How much information should I gather about the companies I scout?

There are some must have information in order for you to scout a company on OpenScout, such as their sector, stage, introduction, pitch, etc. So make sure you have the basics.

However, because you as a scout will also need to justify why you’re scouting a company to prospective investors, you probably also want more information beyond the basics. Use your best judgment to gather the appropriate amount of information so you can make your case to promote the company to the right investors.

    💪 More than a scout

    💡 From the very beginning of Landscape’s conception, we’ve been a champion of transparency and building in the open.

    We want to continue applying these principles to OpenScout.

    Our aim with OpenScout is to build a platform, and more importantly a community, where excitement, trust, accessibility, openness, familiarity and a sense of buy-in though contribution are all factors that engender a sense of strong belonging and shared ownership. 🤗

    This is far more than just a marketplace where scouts are connected with investors and vice versa. This is a space to meet new people, learn new things, improve existing processes and discuss actionable approaches that can be implemented to introduce new ways of working.

    What does this mean for scouts who are part of the OpenScout community? It means every single person has an invaluable role in helping build the platform and shape the future of scouting and venture capital.

    Below you’ll find some of the ways we are going to do this, some of which are immediately going to be available, others we will be building over time.

    🎤 Monthly Scout roundtables

    Every month, we will host a scout roundtable open to all scouts on OpenScout. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on what has or has not been working and suggest ways that we can improve your experience as a Scout on OpenScout.

    🗓 Events

    All scouts on OpenScout will be able to attend various events that will be hosted regularly. These include in-person socials (open to both scouts, investors and founders), OpenScout sponsored events where scouts can organise events in partnership with OpenScout (in the aim of helping them capture more startups), monthly roundtables (see above) and OpenScout’s dinner series.

    💌 Scout newsletter

    We will be sharing a monthly newsletter detailing all stats and goings on related to OpenScout. Expect to see data including number of deals made, number of startups scouted, number of scout applications, number of new scouts, scout of the month, deals of the month, number of new investors, total value of success fees received and more. 

    💬 WhatsApp community

    We have an exclusive WhatsApp community for scouts.

    🗺 Roadmap

    We want every scout on OpenScout to play a significant role in helping us shape OpenScout and determining its roadmap. We aim to achieve this in a number of ways.

    We will have a public roadmap hosted on Canny where we encourage you to add and/or upvote feature requests and to actively share feedback.

    Every month, we will host a scout roundtable open to all scouts. In these sessions you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on what has or has not been working and suggest ways that we can improve your experience as a Scout on OpenScout.

    Held every quarter, we will have an OpenScout wide session for scouts whereby we will share our roadmap and listen to your suggestions as to what you think are important features we should be including or directions we should be heading. As part of these sessions, we will have retrospectives to examine what we’ve done since the last quarter, what went well and what went wrong.

    All sessions will be recorded and notes taken to be stored in an openly accessible archive for anyone to look on.

    👾 NFT drop

    We’re looking into the possibility of minting Scout NFTs as a form of “Achievements” within the OpenScout platform, for example when you scout your first company, when you scout 10 companies that get funded, when you reach 100 introductions facilitated, so on so on.

    These NFT achievements would then also act as a membership card to different gated areas of the OpenScout community.

    It’s still early days looking into this, but we’ve got some interesting plans for the future. 🙂

    💬 Useful assets

    💡 Below are various bits of copy to be used to shared across LinkedIn, Twitter or to add on to your email signature. Please feel free to adjust to your preferences but please do not edit/remove any of the links.

    📣 LinkedIn - Becoming a Scout

    Very pleased to share that I am now a Scout on OpenScout. I will be sharing the awesome startups I come across here. Any investor that would like to follow my dealflow can do so by requesting to follow me via my OpenScout profile. 

    ➡️ LinkedIn description

    I’m a scout on Landscape's OpenScout platform, identifying promising early stage companies and sharing them with the Angels, VCs and Family offices that follow my dealflow. If you’re a founder looking to raise, feel free to reach out!

    🎤 Twitter - Becoming a Scout

    I’ve just officially become a Scout on OpenScout where I will be now sharing my dealflow. If you’re an investor and would like to follow my dealflow, you can do so by signing up to OpenScout here.

    ✍️ Email signature

    Get an OpenScout Scout badge to add to your email signature here, which also includes a quick tutorial about how to add it.

    💬 Startup inbound message

    When talking with founders/startups you plan on scouting, feel free to include a link to this short one-pager we created specifically for Scouts to share with the companies they want to scout on OPenScout.

    This provides startups/founders with a little bit of background as to what OpenScout is and shows why being scouted on OpenScout is a great thing!

    🤓 Resources

    💡 Here you’ll find a whole host of educational material taken from all over the web, assembled for you to read on topics related to scouting, venture capital, startups and anything else that we think will help you scout better.

    P.S. Got your own suggestions of resources and materials you’ve found useful and/or think other scouts would find useful? Then drop us an 📧 with said resource(s) here!

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