Are reviews anonymous?

Are reviews anonymous?

Are reviews anonymous?

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Anonymity at Landscape

Landscape wants every individual to feel safe in writing honest reviews of the investors they interact with. Protecting your anonymity is therefore our highest priority.

All Landscape reviews are 100% anonymous. Nobody, including the investors you review, will be able to see any of the personal information provided.

We will never share your personal details with any investor or third party nor will we ever confirm nor deny enquiries or speculation. We want to provide a platform for people to share their experiences of interacting with investors without fear of retaliation and intimidation. Simply put, if someone asks us to tell them who wrote a review, we will always say no.

Any data shown publicly through partnerships will only ever be aggregated data that would never compromise the anonymity of Landscape community members.

Anonymity of reviews

In order to leave a review, every individual is required to have a Landscape account. Any of the information you provide at the time of creating an account will never be posted publicly or shared.

Asking you to create an account is a key way in which we maintain the quality and value of the platform through moderation, ensuring each post remains within Landscape’s community guidelines (you can read more about Landscape's moderation policy here).

For example, though all members of the Landscape community are required to submit reviews without providing information that could identify them, we use moderation to prevent the publishing of submitted reviews that contain information which could identify an individual.

To further protect anonymity, when published, your review is split into two, with answers for your ‘Investor ratings’ (quantitative) and ‘Founder’s voice’ (qualitative) published separately.

Finally, your data is encrypted at rest. Only specific Landscape team members involved in moderating reviews will have access to information that might indicate who left the review (see our Moderation policy).