Ok, before we get started, let's get a little something out of the way...

From time to time, you are going to get negative reviews.

At Landscape, we appreciate that running a VC fund isn't always the walk in the park that it is made out to be. You're bombarded with inbound, are forced to make decisions involving large amounts of money very quickly, and are often dealing in subject areas you have no expertise in.

Life of a VC

Sometimes you'll drop the ball, sometimes you'll be late to respond to an email, sometimes you won't have the time to send personalised feedback, and sometimes you'll be so busy fighting fires with a portfolio company, that new dealflow totally gets put on the back burner.

Contrary to what you might think, Landscape reviews show that most founders do understand this. {NEED TO FINISH}

What to do when you get a negative review

The first thing you should do is relax. It isn't the end of the world, even Michelin Star restaurants receive negative reviews from time to time, but it doesn't stop people eating there.

Take some time to reflect on the review with your team. Be honest with yourselves as to whether you think it is a fair reflection on how you operate, or it has just highlighted an off day.

Treat the feedback like you would tell your portfolio companies to do with their customers; learn from it, make changes if necessary, and harness it to build a better product for founders.

If you need an example of how this is done, check out this article from Playfair Capital. They received some critical feedback through Landscape of their cold inbound process, and worked as a team to totally reinvent this process to be far more founder friendly - result!

Remember that as a Landscape Verified Partner, you'll have the opportunity to respond to reviews submitted by founders. This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward and show the founder community that whilst you may have dropped the ball, you're working to put it right 💪

Making a Complaint

Our hope is that by taking the approach laid out above, coupled with the ability to respond to reviews left by founders, you have a framework for which to deal with negative reviews you receive. Indeed after thousands of reviews, we are yet to receive a complaint from a VC about a review.

If however you would like to make a formal complaint about a review that's been posted on your profile, hit the button below. A member of the team will take a look at your complaint, and we will strive to respond to your complaint within 48 hours of receiving it (sometimes slightly longer if things are hectic).

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