Signals is our latest product for institutional investors looking for market intelligence on early stage startups.

We crunch millions of data points across a variety of sources across the internet, to deliver actionable insights on the most promising startups, at the earliest stage in their journey.

How does it work?

We crunch a huge number of data points from startups from various sources across the internet, including LinkedIn, Product Hunt, Hacker News, Twitter and many many more, to provide forward facing signals to investors, that help you identify exciting startups at their very inception.

Signals are batched by types, including a Talent Signal, Fundraise Signal, Social Signal, and Product Signal, with each type containing a large array of different individual signals inside.

Signals are dropped on a weekly, or fortnightly basis. You'll get a notification every time new Signals are batched.

How do I get access?

We're currently in private beta with a small number of funds. If you'd like to learn more about our Signals product and potentially join the beta, hit the button below to apply to join the beta.

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