Do's and Don'ts of leaving a VC review

Do's and Don'ts of leaving a VC review

Do's and Don'ts of leaving a VC review

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Knowing how to leave a review can be difficult, but knowing how to leave a good review can be even more challenging. This is especially the case when you are asked to review interactions which have most likely been charged with emotions and centred on matters personal and close to heart.

In order to help you leave a good Landscape review we have therefore written some short Do’s and Don’ts. If you follow these guidelines when submitting a review, you can be sure that your review will be both published and helpful to those who read it.

First of all, to leave a review for an investor you have interacted with, you will have to navigate to their Landscape profile. To do this, go to the Landscape homepage and search for the investor's name in the toolbar at the top right hand side of the page. Once on the investor's profile click 'Submit a review' and follow the instructions from there onwards!


✅ Do be honest, truthful, original and representative.

✅ Do base the review on YOUR interactions and not those which you have heard from others. Reviews should constitute your own personal experience.

✅ Do use good grammar, punctuation and spelling. Whilst we don’t expect you to write like William Shakespeare, your review needs to be comprehensible.

✅ Do be as detailed as possible. When given the opportunity to leave qualitative feedback, try to provide as much information as possible.

✅ Do leave feedback for both founders and investors. This is your opportunity to improve the startup funding ecosystem. It is often useful to think about your interaction from a few perspectives in order to provide a balanced review.

✅ Do be helpful. If you were a founder, what would you want to see from the review you’re about to leave? Similarly, if you were an investor, what one one thing would you want to see in the review for you to take away and improve upon?

✅ Do be negative (if needs be). ‘Negative’ reviews do not equate to bad reviews. Don’t be afraid to leave a review detailing a bad interaction. It will be completely anonymous, and more often than not, the most constructive and useful comments come from ‘negative’ feedback.


❌ Don’t leave a review for an investor you have not interacted with.

❌ Don’t leave a review about an organisation other than VCs or accelerators. We do not accept reviews that do not relate to a VC or accelerator.

❌ Don’t provide any information that could be used to identify yourself. We will not publish any reviews in which you identify yourself.

❌ Don’t be too emotional. Write with facts not feelings.

❌ Don’t be slanderous, use profanity or leave ad hominem responses. We realise that the interactions you are reviewing can be emotionally charged, however, we don’t approve reviews that contain certain profanities, slander, discriminatory language or are targeted at individuals.

❌ Don’t provide false information - be it positive or negative. All reviews are moderated and verified so any reviews containing false information will not be published.

❌ Don’t be vague. Be specific.

❌ Don’t just leave one review! Landscape is about being the most helpful platform in the startup ecosystem and sharing information that helps this community. Therefore, the more reviews you can leave the better. Remember that any interaction you have had with an investor, be it one call or closing a round, is valid in warranting a review.

Just follow the Do’s and Don’ts above and you’re good to go!