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Review Moderation

Review Moderation

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Why do we moderate & verify reviews?

Landscape is building the highest quality investor review platform on the market. Fake, reviews, poor quality reviews and reviews containing ad hominem attacks bring no value in achieving this goal, only serving to bring down the overall value of the platform.

For that reason, Landscape has a set level of moderation for all reviews submitted. This is to ensure that reviews are:

  • left by real people,
  • concern real investors,
  • describe genuine interactions and
  • are truthful, accurate, fair and helpful.

How do we moderate & verify reviews?

In order to leave a review on Landscape you will need to create a free account. This only needs to be done once and is needed so Landscape can verify that you are a real person.

Creating an account will also allow reviews to be edited and/or deleted in the future. If you have already submitted a review that contains information that could identify you, see our 'How to edit or delete my review' article for instructions on how to remove this information this.

To maintain quality and ensure adherence to Landscape’s community guidelines, when submitted, every review will be forwarded to a member of the Landscape team for moderation before being tagged as "Verified". This also certifies that the review is genuine and aligns with Landscape’s ‘Do’s and Don’ts of leaving a Review’.

⚠️ You will see some reviews on the platform being tagged as "New," and that means a member of our team has not yet verified the review. Should a review be deemed as inaccurate, spammy, or untruthful, etc. we will then unpublish the review.

We aim to review all new reviews within 3 days, however, it may take as long as 7 days for a member of the Landscape team to verify your review.

If the review is one where the individual has raised capital, Landscape will use various means to find proof that the individual did in fact raise capital. This helps to ensure Landscape maintains the highest quality of portfolio reviews on the market. If proof cannot be found, we may contact the individual who left the review to ask for additional evidence. Examples accepted include term sheets and email threads, amongst others. Anything that allows Landscape to adequately verify the raising of capital from the investor will be accepted.

If the review is one where the individual interacted with the investor but did not raise capital, we will confirm that the individual is a real person and compare their review with Landscape’s database of reviews. This will be done to determine if the review sits outside of what a typical review looks like (a fake review tends to stand out amongst thousands of verified reviews). If there is anything questionable, Landscape will contact the individual to confirm that they did in fact interact with the investor. We will never speak to investors as a means of verification.

The above steps are particularly critical when reviews are notably condemning, thus having the potential to damage the reputation of an investor. Before verifying such reviews Landscape has a responsibility of maintaining a degree of diligence to ensure such reviews are genuine and truthful.